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Types of Resistors and their uses

carbon composition resistor

It’s a property of any material to resist flow of current through it. According to this property materials are classified mainly into two parts. One is conductor another is insulator.

In conductors resistant is very less but in insulator resistance is very high.

In circuits resistance is mainly used for controlling the flow of current. They are also classified as under their construction and uses. Example: Carbon, Wire wound, ballast, PTC, NTC, varistor, LDR etc.

TATA nano electric car [Mileage,Price,launch date]

Leading car manufacturer company TATA launched the cheapest car TATA nano in the year 2009. Although it was not that much successful.Now, TATA is planning to launch the electric version of  nano. TATA in collaboration with Jayem Automotives, will manufacture the model.As per the media reports, Tata  will only supply the empty body shells to Jayem Automotives. Jayem automobiles will fit all electrical equipments.The powertrain will be supplied by a third company, Electra EV.

[How to handle/Extinguish Electrical Fire?][some safety tips for workers]

[How to handle/Extinguish Electrical Fire?][some safety tips for workers]

Most of the time in industries and apartments fire is caused by Electrical faults. Being aware of the things to do to handle electrical fire when an electrical fire breaks out, could one day save your as well as your co-workers life.

At first, we should discuss the causes or sources of Electrical fires.

[Occupational hazards, safety and health] [Main causes of accidents]

[Occupational hazards, safety and health] [Main causes of accidents]

Industrial growth is very essential for the growth of any country. It creates source of income and jobs for people. There is an ugly side of this industrial development as well as. They are causing environmental pollution, creating unhealthy conditions of work., increasing risk of diseases, risk of accidents in the factories. Today I will […]

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