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Five reasons why electric vehicle will be the great success in India.

Currently, india is lagging behind other developed countries in terms of adopting electrical vehicle. But, the scenario is going to change very soon. The government, as well as private companies and startups, are taking initiative to make the dream of the electric vehicle into reality. in this post, we will discuss five reasons why electric vehicle will be the best success in India.

RRB 2019.Most powerful locomotives in Indian Railway

In India,  Indian railways play a major role in the mass transportation of goods as well as passengers. india’s railway network is the largest railway network in Asia. To support increasing load demand Indian railway has come up with some gigantic and powerful locomotives. here in this article, we will discuss top five most powerful locomotives in Indian railways. so, let’s get going.

Bajaj Qute – Four wheeler at just Rs. 90 thousand

Are you dreaming to have a car but your budget not supporting your dream? Here is a good news for you.

Bajaj is a famous brand in the automobile industry in India as well as abroad. The most selling vehicles of Bajaj in India are 3 wheeler auto and two-wheeler motorcycles.

Bajaj wanted a change in years old three wheeler auto. Now they have come up with a new and innovating solution. They have converted the auto into a four-wheeler.It provides better safety and balance than auto. It is good looking too.

Why offices still use Dot Matrix Printers?

Dot matrix printers used to be very common during the seventies and eighties. It works like a type writer machine. This type of printer has very limited resolution. Now a days there is much advance printers are available in the market. People are talking about 3D printers. But offices still use Dot Matrix Printers?

Why they do so?

Types of Resistors and their uses

It’s a property of any material to resist flow of current through it. According to this property materials are classified mainly into two parts. One is conductor another is insulator.

In conductors resistant is very less but in insulator resistance is very high.

In circuits resistance is mainly used for controlling the flow of current. They are also classified as under their construction and uses. Example: Carbon, Wire wound, ballast, PTC, NTC, varistor, LDR etc.