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Month: June 2017

Easiest way to understand working of MOSFET

MOSFET stands for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor. Like common transistors,it is also used as amplifying and switching device.The main difference from bi-polar transistor is that it’s gate (which is equivalent to base of a bipolar transistor) is electrically insulated.The metal-oxide insulation, commonly silicon di-oxide provides very high input resistance which makes the device suitable for different types of applications.

Linear Potentiometer VS Logarithmic potentiometer


Potentiometers varies potential difference between it’s terminals.It’s a very common and useful device used to vary voltage, current as well as gain in a circuit. Depending upon the physical size and form factor there are various types of Potentiometers.In this post we will differentiate potentiometers (in short POT) on the basics of Output Response with respect to angular displacement of the knob.

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