[How to handle/Extinguish Electrical Fire?][some safety tips for workers]


Most of the time in industries and apartments fire is caused by Electrical faults. Being aware of the things to do to handle electrical fire when an electrical fire breaks out, could one day save your as well as your co-workers life.


At first, we should discuss the causes or sources of Electrical fires.

  1. Old wiring: As wires gets old it gradually looses the strength of insulating materials. And the joints become loose.
  2. Overloaded circuits: If current becomes higher than the rating, the conductor becomes extremely hot and catches fire.

So, what should you do in case of fire?

At first try to find the source of the fire and switch of the main switch.

Then try to extinguish the fire throwing dry sand on it.

Never ever use water.

Use class “C” type fire extinguisher. Before turning an extinguisher on an electrical fire, check the classification code letters. Most extinguishers are marked as multi-purpose Class A-B-C which means that they’re suitable for a wide range of fire types.


Here is some additional safety tips for the workers who works on an electric pole:

  1. Before doing anything, you should switch of the main switch and pull out the fuses.
  2. Hang an plate saying “ Repair work is in Process”
  3. Don’t forget to have a safety belt.
  4. The ladder should be carefully held                                                                                                             by a helper.
  5. Always use rubber gloves while working on the live line.



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