How to make your computer super fast- easy steps

After few month of buying a brand new laptop or PC, it seems to become slower day by day. Time delay is very annoying in this super fast society. In this post we will focus on the cause and solution of this problem.

(1). Some program runs in background every single time you boot up your computer like anti virus, keyboard software etc. They uses system resources causing your PC slower at starting. Go to the task manages and disable the permission of unnecessary software.


(2). Delete all temporary files from your computer. To find all temp file together ,open command prompt and type %temp% and press enter.


(3). Always maintain above 500 MB memory space free in your hard drive, otherwise running programs will face lack of memory and your computer will seem to be slower.


(4). If your hard disk is corrupted or files are fragmented , system will run slower. you can run defrag software to bring files in order. to check if your HDD is corrupted or not run scandisk software or anything like this.


(5) malware and viruses can make your computer slower ,scan for it using any good anti virus software and delete it.


last but not least always keep your hardware and software updated including operating system because newer version of software is always optimized for newer versions of hardware .

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