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electrical safety

Industrial growth is very essential for the growth of any country. It creates source of income and jobs for people.

There is an ugly side of this industrial development as well as. They are causing environmental pollution, creating unhealthy conditions of work., increasing risk of diseases, risk of accidents in the factories.

Today I will talk about the causes of accidents in industries.

electrical safety


Accidents generally happens due to two major reasons. They are

  1. Human Factors
  2. Fault in machine or material

Here I am listing some of the miscellaneous causes of accidents.

  1. Electric Short circuit
  2. Smoking in a prohibited area
  3. Keeping dangerous machines unfenced
  4. Improper handling of inflammable materials
  5. Working in pressurized environment
  6. Faulty tools
  7. Lack of knowledge, expertise and discipline of worker.

If we take care of these matters carefully, we can easily avoid 90% chances of accidents.

Here is some tips to keep workers healthy

  1. Factory premises must be kept clean
  2. If the floors get wet, water should be drained.
  3. Don’t run any internal combustion engine like diesel generator inside a closed area
  4. Sufficient and suitable lighting should be provided
  5. There should be a fast aid box in every work floor.

Hope you have learnt something from this article. In our next post we will discuss about the Safety precautions in case of electrical fire. So, Stay tuned. Thank You.

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