Why offices still use Dot Matrix Printers?

Dot Matrix

Dot matrix printers used to be very common during the seventies and eighties. It works like a type writer machine. This type of printer has very limited resolution. Now a days there is much advance printers are available in the market. People are talking about 3D printers. But offices still use Dot Matrix Printers?

Why they do so?

Dot Matrix


Dot matrix printers has several advantages over other printers that suits office and industrial environment. Lets talk about this……..

  1. DMP offers lowest printing cost as compare to others.
  2. They can print multiple same copy at same time. It saves time as well as cost.
  3. DMP supports various size of paper. Paper size can be adjusted manually here.
  4. It supports both continuous paper and individual A4 sheets.
  5. They tolerate dirty and hot conditions as are found in industrial environments.
  6. Printing does not stop suddenly like other printers. After many use printout fades gradually. You get sufficient time to change the ribbon.

Although they have several disadvantages. DMP creates noise. Printing resolution is low. Colour printing is not possible with DMP.

Dot matrix printers are mainly uses in bank, offices, railway ticket counter, ATMs, point of sales machines. Here print quality and resolution is not that much important.




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