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Final year projects for engineering students in kolkata

Final year projects for engineering students in kolkata

Final year projects is the significant curriculum of engineering study. If you are studying diploma or graduate engineering, you have to make a practical working final year project. The main problem among the students that we have noticed that they are confused at the initial state of choosing the right idea. There are so many Final year projects for engineering students in kolkata is trending now.

How to confirm North Bridge/GMCH of a desktop Motherboard is faulty?[full tutorial step by step]

Desktop computer contains two main chips on motherboard. These two chips are called chip set. Chip near the processor socket is called North Bridge or Graphics and Memory controller HUB(GMCH) or System controller Hub. North Bridge mainly does processing and Display related job.If there is a no-disply problem in the motherboard, north bridge may be faulty. But other faulty components can cause the same problem. So, how do you confirm that north bridge is faulty?

HP Caps lock blink Code[HP laptop Repair]


All tech companies are trying to make their Systems / Devices more user friendly. They are also bringing features for easy troubleshooting. Previously there was beep code. Beep codes of specific interval and time indicates some specific fault. In modern laptops caps lock, number lock, power led does the same work.

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