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How to confirm North Bridge/GMCH of a desktop Motherboard is faulty?[full tutorial step by step]

Desktop computer contains two main chips on motherboard. These two chips are called chip set. Chip near the processor socket is called North Bridge or Graphics and Memory controller HUB(GMCH) or System controller Hub. North Bridge mainly does processing and Display related job.If there is a no-disply problem in the motherboard, north bridge may be faulty. But other faulty components can cause the same problem. So, how do you confirm that north bridge is faulty?

How to differentiate different types of RAM?

For replacing or upgrading your desktop RAM, it’s very important to know what kind of RAM it is currently using. You can know that by reading the nameplate sticker sticked on it or looking physically. Every type of RAM operates in different voltage levels and frequency . Here inn this post we will discuss them one by one.

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