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Linear Potentiometer VS Logarithmic potentiometer


Potentiometers varies potential difference between it’s terminals.It’s a very common and useful device used to vary voltage, current as well as gain in a circuit. Depending upon the physical size and form factor there are various types of Potentiometers.In this post we will differentiate potentiometers (in short POT) on the basics of Output Response with respect to angular displacement of the knob.

Types of processor package. PGA vs BGA vs LGA

BGA processors

PGA (pin grid array) is one type of processor packaging which offers more pins than DIP( dual inline package ). It’s a square or rectangular shape package. Pins are arranged in a matrix like manner at the bottom side of the processor. Pins are generally spaced 2.54 mm (0.1″) apart, and may or may not cover the entire underside of the package.

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