Energy Independence and India

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Almost 80% of coal and 90% of oil that India consumes is imported.India looses a huge amount of foreign currency each year. It’s not a good thing for any country. Today we are very much dependent upon fossils fuels like coal and mineral oil. The storage of these sources are declining every day. Oil is […]

Why stones and gravels are laid on the surface of High Voltage Substation?

stones and gravels are laid on High Voltage Substation

Substations are very common in modern power systems. It may be located at the power generating station or at the middle of the transmission line or at the end. They mainly transforms voltage levels for transmission and distribution purposes. One thing you might have been noticed that almost every substation surface is covered with stones and gravels. Have you ever thought what is the reason behind doing that? Well, we will discuss one by one in this article.