Top 5 quick tips to save electricity in refrigerator

Energy Independence and India

In summer season 15% percent of domestic electricity is consumed by refrigerators.As it adversely affects to your pocket as well as environment, you need to optimize electricity consumption by refrigerator. Here is  Top 5 quick tips to save electricity in refrigerator.

Energy Independence and India

1.keep space around refrigerator: The radiator behind the refrigerator radiates heat to the surroundings. So, you need to keep 5 to 6 inches free space around the refrigerator for faster heat dissipation.

2.keep some space inside: Avoid over stuffing your refrigerator as cold air circulated inside it. More stuff inside means ,refrigerator needs to work more to make all of them cool.

3.Don’t put hot stuff inside the refrigerator: Hot stuff means more work need to be done to make it cool. First cool the food to room temperature then put it inside. Hot food releases vapour inside the walls of fridge that causes freezing problem.

4. Don’t open your refrigerator unnecessarily : You know it why. If there is lots of empty space inside, put some bottle filled with water.

5.keep your thermostat temperature at medium cooling: By doing this you are putting less pressure on compressor and avoid frequent on and off. This will increase longevity of your refrigerator as well as save energy. Happy Saving.

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